In-Person Meetings Vs Video Meetings

In Indian context, business meetings means “in-person meeting” majorly, people are more comfortable meeting each other in-person. Approximately an organization spends 20% of its employee salary on his marketing visits and an employee spends 35%-50% of his time in attending outdoor meetings. In-person meetings were still considerable 10-20 years back when, internet was not that easily available all the time to stream videos, but in 2017, still sticking to in-person meetings is insane. I strongly propose businesses to shift to video-meetings to save time and money.

I completely understand that since we had been used to meeting people in-person since ages and suddenly changing the mode of meeting to video meeting makes us uncomfortable and creates resistance for the change. While asking someone who may be a marketing executive or a company executive for an in-person meeting, if you think of the following components involved you may give a thought for a video call instead.

  1. Travel Time
  2. Increase in Public Transport
  3. Increase in Road Traffic If Using Personal Vehicle
  4. Increase in Carbon Footprint
  5. Anxiety & Fatigue Issues
  6. Waste of Time Leading to Delays Due To Various Reasons
  7. Accident Probabilities If Person Is Trying To Match Up Timings Due To Delays

Whereas if you opt for video call all the above mentioned issues can be avoided and below mentioned are few of the advantages of video call. There are many more which you will get to know once you start opting for video calls instead of in-person meeting.

  1. Meeting As Per Both Parties Convenience
  2. Expense is Only Internet Charges For Both Parties
  3. Delays Can Be Used In Completing Other Office Work
  4. Save Huge Amounts In Traveling, Reduce Traffic, Reduce Carbon Footprint

Few of the online tools which can be used for video calling are given as below which you select as per your convenience and phone/machine compatibility. I recommend WhatsApp,as it’s available on almost all the phones. The other tools are;

  1. Skype
  2. Facebook
  3. Google+ Hangout
  4. Microsoft Office Live Meeting
  5. Adobe Connect Pro
  6. Zoho Meeting
  7. GoTo Meeting
  8. WebEx

For having a successful video-meeting below mentioned are few of the points which everyone must follow;

  1. Schedule Shorter Meetings (Max 30 Minutes)
  2. Set Clear Meeting Agenda & Expectations
  3. Start & End On Time
  4. Avoid Monologues
  5. Stay Focused
  6. Capture Key Points
  7. Comprehend Before You Finish and Set Next Action Items Clearly

So lets break this mindset of having in-person meetings for successful business and save time, money for each other and also help reducing pollution and traffic in our country.


Mangesh Wankhade,
Managing Director,
Scout Group.



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