Going Back To Basics

The mankind is almost 7.5 billion in the year 2017, world is experiencing significant changes in terms of climate, natural resources, wildlife extinction, technology and specially the human natures have changed drastically. Impatience and ignorance is driving us rapidly towards unhappiness, boredom, depression, jealousy, revenge, dissatisfaction etc. But there is a solution for all the […]

Service India Struggling – Layoffs, Depressions & Suicides…

One side of the coin is aiming to become a superpower in next 50 years and the other side is depressed, fearful, scattered and see a shady future. Last six months there are news about companies firing employees all over the world, the impact is significant in India as last 10-15 years had been a […]

Cow Vigilant In India

In year 2017 almost 22 cow-terror attack have been reported which includes mob lynching, assault, murder, attempt to murder, gang rape and harassment. There is 97% spike in these attacks since BJP has come in power in 2014. These attackers call themselves “Gau-Rakshaks”. On August 6, 2016 Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his first public […]